Hello, fellow plant-loving friends!

In today’s hectic fast-paced, stressful and anxiety-inducing world, we can all use some ways to slow down and take some time to connect with something that truly brings us joy. For me, that joy is caring for my cats and tending to my ever-growing number of houseplants.

In my blog, I’ll share my personal houseplant collection, life with my two cats and adventures in living in an apartment I am filling full of plants. I plan to write about how to help make our plant babies thrive by sharing what has worked for me. As well as any failures along the way so that we can save as many plants as possible.

There is nothing quite as rewarding as caring for a plant for months or years and seeing it reward you with new leaves, blooms, or a baby plant from the established plant. It never gets old and every new growth and happy plant is celebrated.

Thanks for joining me.

Let’s grow a lush welcome home environment together!