Whenever I root succulents, I am terrified of putting them into pots that are too big. When the pot is too big, the soil remains too moist and promotes rot of the delicate roots or leaves. So I am hoping this DIY succulent planter will help give them a better chance at growing.

I had this candle holder sitting on a shelf and realized I could repurpose it into a temporary rooting vessel for my delicate string of pearls that had been rooting for several weeks.

DIY succulent planter
DIY succulent planter

I had some tea light candles that included a plastic outer ring. Although metal ones are also available, metal can rust so I would recommend using the plastic ones. I removed the candle from the plastic, added in some dirt and voila a temporary planter for your succulent propogations!

Plant your succulent in the soil as you normally would and then replace the tea light holder in the candle holder.

DIY succulent planter

The smaller size will minimize the risk of overwatering. The clear plastic also allows you to see how wet the soil is. I also recommend using a mister or very small glass to water it to prevent drowning the delicate cuttings.

Succulents are slow growers and stay quite compact so this method can also work with other plants but they will quickly out grow their tiny pot. Succulents will take longer and give you more time to enjoy them in this tiny vessel and with the amount of candle holders available, you can make some pretty unique temporary planters.

DIY succulent planter
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