Many studies have been done to monitor the effects of plants and nature on our overall health and well-being. And the results have repeatedly proven that having plants in our lives is good for us both physically and mentally. But is plant addiction real?

It all stems back to deep seeded genetics and how our brains are wired. When we are in nature, we feel better. The levels of dopamine increase in our body which are natural feel-good hormones. Our body chemistry positively reacts to being in nature or communing with plants. Think about how great you felt the last time you took a walk in a park filled with trees, plants and flowers. Didn’t you feel refreshed and relived? So collecting all those houseplants is good for your health.

Similarly, caring for plants also gives us a dopamine boost. As we take time to care for our plants and they reward us with new leaves, blooms or new plants we get a rush of dopamine again. We can also get this feel-good rush from buying new plants and bringing them into our home environments.

Lately, there is a huge resurgence of the popularity of houseplants and curating houseplant collections ( I’m on board with this). Searching for those rare beauties in garden centres has become a new addiction for many plantaholics and it is obvious why. Buying them, caring for them and having them in our lives makes us feel amazing.

Plants also have the added bonus of being natural air purifiers and remove toxins and chemicals from the air found in household furniture, construction materials, and fabrics throughout the home.

With happier moods, and cleaner air it is no wonder why we are all so obsessed with filling our homes with more green!

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