Pothos Marble Queen

The latest craze in the houseplant world is variegated leaves. Variegated leaves are leaves that are part green and part white or another colour such as pink, purple, or yellow.

The parts of the leaves that are not green lack chlorophyll and therefore cannot absorb any sunlight for photosynthesis. This means that variegated plants need a little more light than their all green varieties.

Variegated leaves are a result of a mutation in nature. Think back to your High School science class when you learned about genetics and eye colour. Hybridization and genetics in plants work in a similar way.

Variegated leaves in the wild are rare and often these plants would not survive but within the house plant world, nurseries and greenhouses can propagate and mass-produce these rare beauties in ideal conditions. That is how they become so readily available as house plants.

Although plants with all white leaves are beautiful because of their rarity, without any chlorophyll the plants cannot make food and do not survive long. Be wary when buying plants with all white or mostly white leaves and be sure to know their care needs before you spend a lot of money on a plant that might be very needy.

Have you seen all the lovely and interesting plant variegations available? Variegated Monstera, Monstera Thai Constellation, the many pothos plant varieties including N ‘Joy and Pearls and Jade, variegated rubber plants, jade plants, succulents … the list is very long.

I myself am a bit smitten and although pure green plants are gorgeous, the ones with variegated leaves are so different. Because of the unique nature of variegation, each leaf of the plant is unique and I get so much satisfaction watching each leaf reveal itself and seeing what they each look like.

The amount of white on the leaves can also change depending on how much light the plant gets. So if your variegated pothos is mostly growing pure green leaves you can move it closer to a window to get some more colour variations in the new growth.

Do you love variegated foliage? Which ones are you hoping to add to your collection next?

Variegated plants from my collection

From top left: Pearls and Jade Pothos, Variegated Rubber Plant, Marble Queen Pothos, Variegated Carnosa Hoya.

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